Learn Unity New 2D Worklfow by Jesse Freeman

Learn Unity New 2D Worklfow

A Quick-Start Guide To Making 2D Games in Unity 4.3


Weekend Code Project: Unity's New 2D Workflow is the quick-start guide you have been looking for to get you up and running with Unity 4.3's new 2D workflow. The pdf guide, included artwork and source code will walk you through:

  • Introduction to Unity
  • Scripting in C# for Unity
  • Setting up basic animations
  • Working with Box2D
  • Making things move
  • Spawning GameObjects
  • Collision detection
  • Managing scenes
  • Building simple UI
  • Publishing overview
  • And even more!

This detailed 106-page guide is designed for people new to Unity or looking for a high-level overview of Unity 4.3's recently released 2D workflow.

** New Reduced Price - This book was designed for Unity 4.3 and while the core concepts will work in Unity 5, there may be a few places where the UI or steps to reproduce are different. **

What's included?

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