Zombie Pixel Art Pack - Pro by Jesse Freeman

Zombie Pixel Art Pack - Pro


Looking for some great zombie pixel art for your next game? This art pack includes:

  • Main Character + 10 Weapons (idle, walk &  fire animations)
  • 5 Zombies (walk animations)
  • Zombie Dog (idle & run animation)
  • 3 Large Boss Zombies
  • Additional Background Tiles (alternative floors, walls & slopes)
  • Background Detail Tiles (pipes, blood splatters & more)
  • 2 types of people ( run animation with/without backpacks)
  • Obstacles (doors, elevators & exit sign)
  • 9 Different Types Of Decoration (chairs, couches, desks, a dresser & more)
  • 3 Collectables (2 types of backpacks & a health pack)
  • Body Parts For Explosions
  • Ammo Sprites (3 different bullet types, shells, grenade & a mine)

Here is a sample to get an idea of all the stuff you will get! Includes a completely free license allowing you to do whatever you want with the artwork, no strings attached.

What's included?

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Zombie Art Pack Pro v1
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Zombie Art Pack Free v1
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